The Popularity of Beer

Beer, in all of its forms, is a popular drink worldwide and has a long and fascinating history. Readers who are actually interested in the subject will find many articles in this blog to enjoy at their leisure. Topics will include the different types of beer, how and where it is brewed, its origins, how to identify the particular varieties of hop, and which food to match it with. Visitors to the blog will be encouraged to join guided tasting sessions and discover for themselves some new favorites and where to buy them. Discover the delights of beer and perhaps learn how to brew it.

Insights Regarding Lager Beers

12 Jun 2021

Lagers alongside ales are typical beer examples. Producing lagers requires lower temperatures compared to those of ales' production. Lagers often come in different colors, such as dark, amber, and pale. Widely consumed beer lagers are the pale ones, which are also extensively distributed. Additionally, lagers are produced by bottom fermentors.

The Five Most Popular Beers in America

27 May 2021

The dedicated beer drinker will probably first narrow down their preference to one of the many varieties available, such as lager, pilsener, pale ale, porter, stout, and many more. This discernment could be one of the reasons why sales of craft beer are increasing, while those of commercial, branded beer are in decline.

This may be a matter of taste, but we like to think it’s also something to do with people who want to support smaller businesses. Still, it’s the big commercial brands that remain the top-sellers.

What came as a surprise to us was the big swing in popularity to light beer, although this could be due to people adopting a healthier lifestyle. With more people making healthy lifestyle choices, we wonder how long it will be before a non-alcohol beer makes it onto this list.

When that happens, it seems likely that it will be a craft beer as only a few of the big commercial breweries have no- alcohol offerings at the moment.

When looking at the most popular beers in the US, we will have to use some popularity measure or, preferably, a more objective measure like sales volume. Based on this, according to USA Today, the most popular beers by sales volume in 2020 were:

Bud Light

Bud Light is a light lager beer known for its clean, crisp taste.

Coors Light

It seems that this is a beer you either love or hate. Being a light beer, it’s low in both carbs and alcohol, which is why people love it. On the negative side, there are complaints about the watery taste. Despite this, it still made it to number two on the list.

Miller Lite

Billed as the original light beer, this is a Pilsener low in alcohol but high in flavor. Brewed with pure, high-quality water and malted barley to enhance both color and flavor, it’s no wonder this one is so popular. The brewmasters at Miller also keep a fine control over the hopping stage of the brewing process for maximum flavor with minimum alcohol.


This has to be a brand almost as well-known worldwide as Coca-Cola, partly because it’s been around since 1876. Budweiser is an American-style lager brewed with the best barley malt and a blend of the best hop varieties available. It doesn’t hurt that the company is committed to using 100% renewable energy by 2025 either.

Michelob Ultra

Particularly suitable for anyone on a low-carb diet, as it’s very low in carbohydrates.

Whether one of these is your favorite, or you prefer one of the many craft beers available these days, take a beer and think about forex.

How to Determine the Best Hop Quality

6 May 2021

Hops are prepared from cones and exist in different kinds. Despite the different varieties, using the various hop sources available to prepare tea can help distinguish the varieties utilizing aroma or flavor. Production of puffballs indicates an inferior hop source that's not favorable.

An Overview of the Major Differences Among Beer Varieties

22 Mar 2021

There are different yeast strains (fermentors) harnessed in beer production processes. These fermentors determine the kind of beer produced. Yeast fermentation produces either an ale or a lager. Top fermentation produces ales with yeast operating at relatively higher temperatures, unlike in lager production.