FEATURE // Beer West Gift Guide 2012


Edited by Megan Flynn + Emily Hutto

Everyone knows that shopping for your loved ones isn’t always easy. While some people finish their gift purchasing way in advance, others wait until the last possible moment, and then are scrambling to find creative and original items that are both useful and fun. We’ve compiled a collection of unique and one-of-a-kind gifts, ideal for all of the different types of beer lovers in your life. From reusable, handmade leather six-pack holders for the fashionista to the DIY’er’s ultimate homebrew system to stylish tea towels and coasters for the beer chef, look no further than these pages to outfit your friends and family in this year’s best beer gear.

The Explorer

It’s tough to get this go-getter home on time for dinner, let alone the holidays. These tours and tastings will satisfy his or her appetite for both craft beer and adventure, and give you a chance to partake, too. We’ve included newly-popular cycle tours for active pursuits, and bus tours for frosty winter days.

Brewvana Tours Portland, OR

$75/person //

Coolest Feature/ roll around in Angel, the company’s token school bus turned beer chariot

33 Bottles of Beer

$4 //

Coolest Feature/ the educational “Flavor Wheel”

Cycle Pub Bend, OR

$21/person //

Coolest Feature/ these tours mirror the Bend Ale Trail, and the company has mapped out several different routes around the city

Multi Utility Tote

$24 //, or Pedal Bike Tours in Portland, OR

Coolest feature/ lightweight and low-profile, this carrier will keep your 22-ounce beer cold on the trip home without adding bulk to your ride

The Athlete

This all-weather thrill seeker loves to hit the slopes in the winter, and pound the pavement by bike year-round. Whatever the activity, make sure your athlete is suited up with the latest gear, including a helmet cam, so you can feel like you were there, with out having to actually risk your life.


$199.99 //

Coolest Feature/ this sleek, multi-use camera will fit on any outdoor gear and is waterproof up to one meter

DaKine Heli Pro DLX Pack

$105 //

Coolest Feature/ designed for the all-terrain skier and snowboarder, this compact pack includes a fleece-lined goggle pocket, insulated hydro sleeve, and ski and snowboard carrying functions

Kona MinUte

$999 //

Coolest Feature/ can haul up to 300 pounds, ideal for getting your inebriated friend home or transporting a party keg

The Craftsman

There isn’t anything this person can’t do. From fixing leaky pipes around the house to preparing an entire meal with ingredients from the back yard, the creative DIY’er in your life is always looking for new projects. Geared toward making and serving homebrew, these gifts will hopefully keep you stocked in beer all year-round.

Custom Waterproof Beer Labels

$65 for 50 customized labels //

Coolest Feature/ labels stay intact even after being on ice for hours

Craft a Brew Homebrew Starter Kit

$45 //

Coolest Feature/ this stylish, affordable kit is perfect for someone who is just getting into homebrewing

Brew-Magic System

$5,995 //

Coolest Feature/ the computer system stores all recipes and procedures, which makes troubleshooting a breeze

Oak Flavor Chips

Price varies // Any homebrew store

Coolest Feature/
no need to contact a winery or distillery for a heavy barrel with which to fill with homebrew; these add similar flavors to any fermentation vessel without the hassle of purchasing and transporting a barrel

The Foodie

Usually with beer enthusiasts, food isn’t trailing far behind on their “stuff I love” list. Whether they’re pairing beer and food, cooking with beer, or prefer to ingest one without the influence of the other, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to liven up their kitchen and palate. For pub-grubbers and gourmets alike, these gifts will definitely earn you brownie points.

NW Elixirs Hot Sauce

$12 //

Coolest Feature/ all hot sauce ingredients are local to the Northwest.

The Sriracha Cookbook

$16.99 //

Coolest Feature/ most recipes too dull for your taste? These dishes are guaranteed to set your mouth on fire

Jacobsen Salt Co. Sea Salts

price varies // (available for purchase at New Seasons and Food Shed)

Coolest Feature/ these guys are the first to harvest salt on the Oregon coast since Lewis and Clark

Beer Glassware Tea Towel

$14 for a single, $24 for a pair //

Coolest Feature/ you’ll never forget which beer should be served in which glass

The Oxford Companion to Beer

$65.00 //

Coolest Feature/ you’ll be invited by friends to every single beer trivia night, as long as you’re on their team

CB’s Nuts

price varies //

Coolest Feature/ they’re roasted in small batches on the West Coast in Kingston, Washington

The Trendsetter

Just because someone likes craft beer doesn’t mean they are sporting flannel, overalls, raunchy T-shirts, and furry beards. The beer sophisticate in your life appreciates attention to detail and prefers style to comfort, but both are ideal. We’ve rounded up some items that are sure to impress even your most fashionable friends.

Custom Coasters

$19 for set of 2 //

Coolest Feature/ these Portland, Oregon-made coasters will add character to even the starkest of living rooms

Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Cufflinks

Bottle Opener Cufflinks $50 //

Coolest Feature/ cufflinks that open beer bottles… ‘nuff said

Merino Ninja Suit

$179.99 //

Coolest Feature/ keeps you covered from head to foot, including an ergonomic hood designed to seal out drafts and snow

Beer Gear Wallet

$16 //

Coolest feature/ don’t see a design you love? Send in your favorite (empty) six-pack or four-pack and get a customized wallet

Reuseable 6-pack and 4-pack holders

$55 //

Coolest Feature/ besides being reusable and handmade in Portland, Oregon they look really damn cool

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