BEER WEST MAGAZINE:  Winter 2011 #2

Featured Articles

FEATURE // Beer in La La Land

Irrigating LA’s Craft Beer Desert Story by Bran Yaeger // Photography by Ethan Pines Maybe it’s easy to pick on Los Angeles because, like Kurt Russell’s snake Plissken, I escaped from LA. The LA lifestyle

FEATURE // Beer West Gift Guide 2012

Edited by Megan Flynn + Emily Hutto Everyone knows that shopping for your loved ones isn’t always easy. While some people finish their gift purchasing way in advance, others wait until the last possible moment,


NEIGHBORHOODS // Old World Meets New

Exploring west Oakland’s craft beer transformation Story by Emily Hutto // Photography by Eric Lo Ascend the floor (there are no stairs) at Heinold’s First and Last Chance Saloon on the dock of the bay

FLAVOR// I Want It All, and I Want It Now

One writer’s foray into a gluten-free lifestyle proves that breweries are paying attention Story by Robyn-Crummer Olsen, Photography by Erin Berzel After I received the news in 2004 that I needed to omit gluten from

DETOUR // Get Your Sips on Route 66

Take a tour of Flagstaff, Arizona’s flourishing craft beer culture Story by Penelope Bass, Photograph by Michael Beilecki If you’ve never been to northern Arizona, dismiss everything you think you know about the state. Forget

CHEF // Feasting at the Farmer’s Table

How one Washington chef redefines farm to table Story by Kendall Jones // Photograph by Cleary O’Farrell When I stepped out of my car onto the soggy earth I immediately realized that I should have

ADVENTURE // The Lake Effect

As one salty body of water helps create some of the West’s best snow, an unexpected beer scene flourishes in and around Salt Lake City, Utah. Story by Lucy Burningham, Photography by Anthony Lordemann Every

101 // Is Beer Really Good For You?

Busting Beer Health Myths, one at a time Story by Ian Lloyd, Illustrations by Taylor Blackwell Beer is good for you, true or false? I assume most of you formed an opinion on this topic

PAIRINGS // Beer n’ Boards

This guide to board sports and beer will keep you busy year-round Story by Emily Hutto What’s better than a cold beer after peeling off a sandy wetsuit or a snow-caked pair of snowboard pants?