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FEATURE // Peak to Peak

From Montana to Wyoming to Idaho, writer and adventure traveler Adrienne So combines climbing, rafting, and mountain biking with some of the West’s best beer Photograph by Max Lowe One of the first things I

FEATURE // 2 Beers… Or Not Two Beers

A Kölsch Pilgrimage By Graham Tracey Photograph courtesy of Hannnnemannnn / Wikimedia Commons I made it through Sea-Tac airport security without a full cavity search, so I decided to have a beer. Three hours early


CONFESSIONS // After Safari

By Avery Houser In fall 2011, when I was a mere 20 years old, I traveled to Tanzania on safari with my 78-year-old grandmother. My grandfather had died two months prior. Sad though it was,


Wort to the Wise by Dr. Annie Brewer (aka Terese Reynolds) I’m not saying that I support or regularly partake in binge drinking, but I am wondering if you have a magic cure for the

A PINT WITH // Christian DeBenedetti

Beer West’s contributing editor, Christian DeBenedetti, spends more time on the road in search of great beer than most people spend at their nine-to-five. We pinned him down in between trips to San Francisco and

BITTER END // Beer Staycation

By Chad Walsh Just because you can’t get away this spring for that much-needed trip abroad—whether you’re too broke, too busy, or both—doesn’t mean that you can’t explore the world through A single city. The

ADVENTURE // Down by the River

Hood River, Oregon has it all, plus some Story by Lucy Burningham Photograph by Mariva England Hood River, Oregon, has a problem. There’s too much world-class recreating within a few minutes of downtown. Expand the

101 // Barrel Fever

Are Barrel-aged beers the new wine? Story by Robyn Crummer-Olson Photograph by Elliot Olson Every person, and every wooden barrel, has a story. A stable structure composed of wood and metal, a barrel is never


The Beer East of the Beer West By Win Bassett Photograph by Max Cooper Beer enthusiasts across the United States will tell you that there is no reason for Asheville, North Carolina to have been


Get your tickets to our Beer + Chocolate Pairing Evening on April, 4, 6-9pm. Details and tickets here. Beer and chocolate, though an unlikely pair, will have you swapping out your red wine for a

NEIGHBORHOODS // Discovering Division

Portland’s Division Street is coming of age with a plethora of good beer, fantastic eats, and innovative artisans Story by Adrienne So Photograph by Erin Berzel Describing one particular section of Portland, Oregon as “formerly

CHEF // Soul Food

How one Seattle chef is transitioning from his creole-inspired food truck to a permanent location Story by Dikla Tuchman Photograph by Cleary O’Farrell It’s a cold, wet Monday afternoon and there’s already a line down