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FEATURE // Summer Festival Guide

15 salacious sun-soaked festivals By Chad Walsh and Megan Flynn Photograph by Sylvan Magnus Whether you live on the West Coast, are visiting from afar, or are just looking for something fun to do this

FEATURE // Amber Waves of Grain

An increasing demand for locally grown and malted barley has independent maltsters on the rise—but is it sustainable? Story by Adrienne so Photograph by Jonathon Coy As anyone who has ever taken a brewery tour


BITTER END // Summer 2013

Portland’s Forgotten Brewpub Story by Cory Mimms Photograph by Erin Berzel Books with broken spines and ragged covers line the walls. Games with missing pieces and doodles on their boards sit on shelves. Tugboat, a

ADVENTURE // Shangri-La, Idaho-style

Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley offer a wealth of outdoor adventure paired with local craft beer Story by Adrienne So Photograph courtesy of Visit Sun Valley ( For anyone who lives in western Oregon’s fertile

101 // I Scream, You Scream

The artisanal ice cream Movement as inspiration for homemade sweet scoops Story by Lucy Burningham Photograph by Shelby Brakken Picture this. You’re standing on asphalt softened by blazing summer sunshine, looking at a scoop of

DETOUR // Coming of Age

Barcelona’s Craft beer revolution Story and photograph by Kimberly Bowker In one of Barcelona’s many outdoor squares, friends and lovers lean on checkered tablecloths chatting about life as the sun falters into the late afternoon

PAIRINGS // Beers To Your Health

Discover why craft beer and hiking go hand in hand Story by Adrienne So Photograph courtesy of Beers Made By Walking / Daniel Flanders One might not think that beer drinking is a particularly active

NEIGHBORHOODS // Brothels + Breweries

A notorious beer tradition lives on in Georgetown Story by Jesse Kwak Photograph by Cleary O’Farrell Only three miles south of downtown Seattle, you’ll find a homey strip of restaurants, shops, and no-frills bars where

CHEF // An Education

All chef David LeFevre wants is to make people happy, one diner at a time Story by Megan Flynn Photograph by Jennifer Chong What do you get when you combine renowned celebrity chef Charlie Trotter,

CONFESSIONS // Summer 2013

Settling Story by Avery Houser Just off the pristine colonial campus of Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, four large concrete towers crowd the skyline. At six stories tall, they loom over the modest houses

DR. ANNIE BREWER // Summer 2013

I’ve heard that in Europe it’s common to put fruity liquid concentrate in beer? What’s the purpose for this? Oliver, Albany, OR Well, offhand, I would say it is to add fruit flavor to beer…

A Pint With // Conrad Anker

Interview and photograph by Max Lowe Conrad Anker is one of the most renowned alpinists in the world and, most recently, one of few that has summited Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen. Anker has been