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Potential changes to the law stifling Oregon’s homebrewing community

Last summer, the Oregon homebrew community was rocked when an old law governing the transportation and consumption of homebrew outside the home was dug up…

According to the Oregon Homebrewers Alliance:

“Oregon homebrewers have a problem. Our laws regarding homebrewing have fallen behind the times and need to be changed if our hobby is to continue legally.

The bottom line is that a recent interpretation of the law restricts homebrew to the home where it was brewed; no competitions, no club tastings, no family picnics. The problem is the law, not the agencies that enforce it. We are working on several fronts with the Legislature and other state officials to write a new law that reflects the current practice of homebrewing.”

Currently, Oregon State Senator Floyd Prozanski has been hard at work filling in some changes to the Oregon homebrewing laws. Click here for first draft of the new bill and here for proposed amendments to the draft bill.

The Oregon Homebrewers Alliance is currently seeking comments from the homebrewing community regard the changes and amendments to the homebrewing laws. Please email your comments to Chris Hummert at