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Hops and Props 2012

An Aerial View From The Museum of Flight’s 10th Annual Fundraiser

By Colin McElroy

Hops & Props alone would be an amazing beer festival, with more than 50 breweries serving local and international beers and an all-you-can-eat buffet. But what takes this festival to the next level is its location, The Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington.

For me, the idea of drinking a Fremont Brewing 77 Select Session IPA under the worlds fastest airplane, the SR-71 Blackbird, is epic to say the least.

For those not as excited about the planes as I am, there are food and beer pairings guided by a special guest (this year’s was Charles Finkel, President and Founder of Pike Brewing Company), live music, and an impressive lineup of breweries pouring their beers.  Some of my tasting highlights were Elysian Brewing’s Idiot Sauvin IPA, Dick’s Brewing Company’s Working Man’s Brown Ale, and Two Beers Brewing Company’s Evo. IPA.

A full list of all breweries in attendance can be found at The Museum of Flight website.

All proceeds from the festival will go toward supporting The Museum of Flight, an independent, non-profit organization.

I’m already counting down until I can encounter the Blackhawk next year.

Low self esteem? Drink some Loser Pale Ale.

Elysian Brewing is having limited release of its Loser Pale Ale at Bottles in Seattle, this Friday. Other Elysian beers will be on hand to celebrate the brewery’s recent 15 Year Anniversary celebration.

Loser Pale Ale is a strong pale ale brewed with Northwest pale, Weyermann Munich and Cara-Hell and Crisp 77° crystal malt, bittered with Sorachi Ace hops from Gamache Farms in Sunnyside, Washington and finished with Crystal. Starting gravity 16.8° Plato (1.069 SG); 5.5% abw / 7% abv.

When: Friday, June 10, 6pm-close

Where: Bottles 1515 NE Fremont Street, Seattle WA