Beer West and Digimarc

Don’t just read the magazine. Bring it to life. EXPERIENCE IT!

For the Winter issue, we’re using a premium mobile solution called Digimarc Discover to enhance your reading experience. The solution uses a technology called digital watermarking which provides similar experiences to using your smartphone to read the black and white barcodes you might have seen in other publications, but without having a major impact to the magazine’s design or your enjoyment of the printed page. Now, Beer West readers like you can access “invisible” watermarks with your smartphone to watch videos, answer trivia questions, comment on stories, and interact with the enhanced content throughout the pages of the magazine.

To begin experiencing the rich media content we’ve developed for you, simply follow the directions below and jump into Beer West with a new app that connects the printed page to the digital world.

Get started:

  1. DOWNLOAD the free “Digimarc Discover” app from the iTunes App Store or Android Market
  2. LAUNCH the app to view a video tutorial demonstrating how it works
  3. LOOK for the (d) symbol throughout Beer West and point the phone at the center of the accompanying images (not the symbol).  The app works best in well-lit areas
  4. HOLD your phone about 3-5″ away from the image and parallel to the page.  If you do not get an immediate connection, move the phone slowly toward the page, allowing your camera to focus.  (If you’re reading these directions on a computer and don’t have a magazine in front of you, you can still try out the technology by using this image, viewed at 100%, to simulate the experience. Follow the same instructions, holding your phone 3-5″ away from the image onscreen.)
  5. TAP the symbol that appears on your phone’s screen and experience print come to life.

The Digimarc Discover app supports the following devices:

  • iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 models
  • Android OS 2.0 or later models featuring an auto-focus camera
    • Examples: Samsung Galaxy S series and Google Nexus One

If you’d like to learn more about this new technology, visit:

Learn More About Making Print Interactive at