Pros and cons of Juice vs Beer

Let’s face it, if presented with a glass of fresh homemade juice and a bottle of beer, most people will quickly take the beer, and say “no, thanks” to the juice. Well, there is no denying that it’s almost close to impossible for one to choose a glass of juice over a beer but just what are the consequences? Well, it is important to note that both drinks have their pros and cons. This is why we will discuss both in details to help you go for a healthier option the next time you find yourself choosing between the two.


Pros of juice vs. beer

Juicing is easy on the digestive system while beer overworks your gut

Juices are a blessing to the human digestive system. Juicing breaks down fruits and veggies into a form that our bodies can easily digest and as such, a single glass of juice gives your body a shot of instant nutrition goodness while at the same time being easy on your digestive system.

On the other hand, even though beer aids in digestion by boosting the release of gastric acid from the stomach cells, your body takes about two hours to break down one pint of beer. This means your digestive system faces more difficulty in effectively digesting and absorbing beer than juice. Therefore, the more beer you take, the harder it is for your body to get rid of it resulting to digestive difficulties.

Juice keeps you hydrated while beer does the contrary

Hydration is an important aspect of human health. Fortunately taking a glass of fruit juice over a beer helps keep you not only hydrated but also gives you a burst of important nutrients. For instance, a glass of watermelon juice contains 92% water and also contains vital nutrients such as Vitamin A and C and minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.

On the other hand, beer does the complete opposite.  Biologically, beer reduces or inhibits the production of ADH meaning that your body loses more water than normal when you urinate. You also end up peeing more times than usual, resulting in dehydration which, if not dealt with can cause even more severe problems.  

A glass of juice contains nutrients, vitamins, and natural sugars. The same cannot be found in beers.

Making juice is easy when you have a juicer as you can mix different fruits and vegetables together thus enabling you to get more nutrients and vitamins. Additionally, juice usually contains natural sugars which boost your energy levels and are healthy. However, the same cannot be said for beer. The fact that it is processed from grain and made in a factory means that it contains high levels of unhealthy calories and added preservatives which do more harm than good to your health. A recommended list of juicer with reviews can be found here at this website.

Juice helps you lose weight while beer does the opposite

Besides helping you stay hydrated and keeping your gut in check, juices contain healthy sugars which help you get over sugar cravings thus staying away from junk foods that might lead to weight gain. Juices also prepare your body for a weight loss journey by flushing out toxins, thus enabling you to achieve weight loss more efficiently. Contrary to juice, beer usually results in hunger by lowering your inhibitions. This means, even when you were planning to control yourself, you might find yourself junking more, thus resulting in weight gain. This is why most people who take beer on a regular basis spot a beer belly.

Cons of juice vs. Beer

Beer is good for your teeth while juice is not

As surprising as it sounds, it is also true. According to a 2012 study published in the journal of bio medicine and biotechnology, the contents of beer help block the bacterial activity that causes dental diseases and tooth decay thus keeping your teeth healthy. On the other hand, the combination of acid and sugar in juice often results in a reduction in the hardness of your tooth’s enamel thus making your teeth weak. Additionally, this combination results to tooth decay.

Juice leads to extra costs and requires more preparation time while beer does not

Even though it is incredibly beneficial for your health, juicing leads to extra costs. To get enough juice, you often need to double or triple the amount of fruit ingredients which can be costly especially if you use organic fruits only.  Also, more fruit ingredients mean that you will spend more time rinsing and cutting up everything in preparation for juicing which can be a bit hectic. However, a bottle of beer is cheap than most organic fruits and it comes ready so no time wasted on preparation.


When you consider the benefits you get from taking a single glass of juice to a beer, then all the work and the extra costs are worthwhile. Besides, you should not place a price tag on your health as it is much better to spend more on fruits rather than on medical bills. To sum it up, no matter how odd this might sound, a glass of juice is better than a bottle of beer.