Bend, Oregon’s Newest Brewery

Bend, Oregon. In what could be described as the dead center of town (50 S.W. Division St., just off of Hwy 97) is where Larry Sidor, Dave Wilson, and Paul Evers of Bend’s latest brewing operation, Crux Fermentation Project, opened their doors on June 30. Pulling into the parking lot, the excitement was palpable, and that feeling followed me all the way inside the brewery. The interior, an aesthetic wonderland with exposed wood beams, concrete flooring, and a polished copper brewing system was buzzing with the heightened chatter of community locals. If you so much as kind of like beer you’ll appreciate the artisan craft that encompasses this former auto parts shop. As part of a Pre-Opening Celebration it was a TMTT (too many to thank) situation. Immense gratitude was expressed by each of the partners and a few in the crowd were brought to tears. Beer, for the most part, wasn’t the focus of the day, but instead, the conversation revolved around the people who enabled the former Aamco station to become a brewery by purpose, and as Jodie Barram, Bend’s Mayor Pro Tem, mentioned, the crux of this town. The crowd of countless hands that hammered nails and provided creative insight was incredibly loyal and proud. With features like reclaimed wood from an 100 year old house in Terrabone, Crux Fermentation Project is truly a product of its community. There are crafted delights in every corner, and with so much attention to detail put into every once of space between the four walls that support the roof, you can be sure the beer will be equally as crowd-pleasing.

Kate Mitchell for Beer West

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