The Popularity of Beer

Beer, in all of its forms, is a popular drink worldwide and has a long and fascinating history. Readers who are actually interested in the subject will find many articles in this blog to enjoy at their leisure. Topics will include the different types of beer, how and where it is brewed, its origins, how to identify the particular varieties of hop, and which food to match it with. Visitors to the blog will be encouraged to join guided tasting sessions and discover for themselves some new favorites and where to buy them. Discover the delights of beer and perhaps learn how to brew it.

How to Determine the Best Hop Quality

6 May 2021

Hops are prepared from cones and exist in different kinds. Despite the different varieties, using the various hop sources available to prepare tea can help distinguish the varieties utilizing aroma or flavor. Production of puffballs indicates an inferior hop source that's not favorable.

An Overview of the Major Differences Among Beer Varieties

22 Mar 2021

There are different yeast strains (fermentors) harnessed in beer production processes. These fermentors determine the kind of beer produced. Yeast fermentation produces either an ale or a lager. Top fermentation produces ales with yeast operating at relatively higher temperatures, unlike in lager production.