How Modern Beer Bar Can Keep Public Interested

A beer bar is a pivotal place in which people gather to drink, dance, socialize, or even find love. Every other day, a bar is launched with most of them being referred to as taverns, lounges, nightclubs, gastropubs and gin mills among other names connoting a place that serves alcoholic drinks. Regardless of the name, the classic bar is currently facing stiff competition from upscale restaurants, hotel lounges, raves, and pop-up nightclubs, making it imperative for tavern owners to up their game if they’re to remain relevant and keep making profits. Here are some of the best marketing strategies a bar owner can employ to keep the public interested in their business.


Nail the Bar Promotion Nitty-Gritty

The least that bar owners lacking sufficient funds to engage professional marketing services can do is nail the promotion basics. In terms of ambiance and décor, they should go to great lengths to see that their bar looks the part both inside and out. Since the majority of prospective customers judge an entrepreneur before entering the front door, it’s imperative to ensure that the bar image sells the business owner correctly and set expectations accordingly.

Every beer bar owner should focus on a unique selling point, which could be a signature drink, cocktail menu or creative décor. Having a trendy interior décor can be significantly appealing, and thus it’s important to give the bar a makeover by getting rid of outdated furniture. Changing things like bar upholstery and the color of the walls could make a huge impact on the bar’s appearance.

One should also consider harmonizing their interior design aesthetics including choosing the right color combination and installing modern light fixtures. They can also use mosaic backsplash for their countertops; for instance, stone mosaic tiles can add a stylish and complementary approach to any space in the beer bar. Similarly, glass tiles can be utilized to not only add character to the bar’s interior but also create a focal point that would go a long way in mesmerizing both prospective and existing clients.


Offering Discounts

The pricing strategy is a critical hospitality aspect that largely determines the success of any business, and bars are no exempt. A great pricing strategy will go a long way in facilitating product sales, building a good reputation and representing the value of the bar against its rivals. For instance, the bar owner can choose to discount a popular item and use it as a draw-card for boosting the sale of other items. They could also select a certain quiet day and offer discounts in a bid to generate more traffic. This is not to mention offering discounts on new menu items and for larger groups of people; the options are endless.

A wise entrepreneur, however, refrains from discounting excessively lest they are mistaken for devious sellers offering low-quality products. They also remember that there’s no way people will know that they have awesome discounts unless they advertised them. Marketing discounts and specials on social media is an excellent way of spreading the word.


Rewarding the Local Regulars

Charity begins at home, and there’s no better way of ensuring repeat business than being kind to the regulars. For most bars, more than half of their daily sales are attributable to their local patrons. This explains why most big-brand restaurants offer incentives and loyalty apps to keep their regulars coming back for more.

Some of the promotion strategies employed by modern bar owners to keep the regulars interested include wine tasting offers. This technique not only serves to showcase the bar owner’s expertise and product assortment but also pairing each wine with a meal for added value. It would also help if the bar owner listened keenly to their regulars. If, for instance, a repeat client proposes a new drink, it wouldn’t hurt to look into it. This might actually bring in more locals as the contented regular is likely to spread the word about the bar’s hospitality.

Also, the bar owner should consider getting their crowd and staff more involved. They could, for example, host a competition to label an upcoming drink or even share their regulars’ best photos on Facebook. This will not only earn the business a recognition buzz but also gain trust, goodwill, not to mention excellent word-of-mouth advertising.


Making Every Night Count

Every bar manager should understand the importance of treating their establishment like a lover. At the beginning of the week, most bars experience low volume sales, making it imperative to utilize strategies that entice smaller groups. For example, a bar owner could create a ‘Refreshing Espresso Martini Tuesday’ or offer special meals. Bar managers can utilize unique entertainment tactics like playing live music or comedy, particularly during busier days. Such strategies will come in handy when looking to beat the competition by making the customers reminisce over the unique offers.

With the widespread competition, shifting trends and ever-changing regulations to contend with, modern bar owners are left with no choice but to promote their business effectively. The good news is that there’s a myriad of marketing and promotional ideas not to mention creative advertising techniques that can be used to promote a bar. Having a nicely laid menu on the wall, offering discounts and Wi-Fi, as well as creative décor, is just the tip of the iceberg of the things a bar owner can do to keep the public interested.